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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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BBPN Recruitment – The Steps

Recruitment Support Services

Having worked with many managers and businesses, we have developed our process to ensure the best results with the least time spent.

We follow the steps listed below, guiding you though every stage.  The objective at all times is to match the best available candidates to your vacancy.


1 – Job Specification Challenge – Effective recruitment starts with a concise job and candidate specification. We make it easy. You complete our on-line questionnaire. We come back to you with additional questions and discuss the job specification with you.

2 – Advert Creation and Placement – Recruitment advertising has moved online. We place many jobs online, and know what approach to writing and placing adverts works best. We see the result of every advert we place and continue to evolve our approach to attract interest from candidates with the most suitable skills and motivation.

3 – Application Filtering – With 100+ applications being common, we filter the initial response to identify candidates with the most relevant skills, experience and motivation. Our open-question based interactive on-line application process engages the relevant candidates and eliminates the rest.

4 – Candidate Screening – Armed with fresh perspectives and input from the application process, we talk to the top candidates to validate their interest, experience and motivation and to identify any potential obstacles that may ultimately affect their interest in what you offer. From this, we compile a short list of candidates who are available, ready and motivated for interview.

5 – Interview Support – We work with you to prepare and execute an effective interview process that helps you present the best possible image of your organisation and opportunity and enables you to identify the most suitable candidate for long term employment success.

6 – Search Lite – While advertising on-line will be effective in many cases, this approach does not reach all candidates. Adding targeted recruitment to the mix will draw in candidates who are not actively looking for a new job. Our targeted recruitment approach will build on the steps above and add candidates from relevant sectors and backgrounds, including candidates who are not actively applying for jobs.

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