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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Best Practice 360 Degree Feedback Template

360 degree feedback is a powerful approach to help managers and employees gain self awareness through insights on how how others see them. With feedback collected from many sources people are more prepared to take action on the results than when they receive feedback only from their line manager. 

A 360 degree feedback template enable simple and easy collection of  feedback. The template also helps respondents share their thoughts making the feedback more readily usable.

 Using a 360 Degree Feedback Template Makes Collection Easy

Using the 360 degree feedback template you can collect insights from anyone who is in a position to be able to comment on the individual from a first hand perspective.  The more people you involve, the more balanced and informative the information will be.

Get Started with 360 Degree Feedback

360 degree feedback is the process of bringing in feedback from a wide range of people connected to an individual.    Using the template questions, self assessment is compared with comments from peers, direct reports, managers, customers, and even suppliers.

Develop a Culture of Open Communication

Feedback helps people understand the impact of their behaviour on others and on the business, and encourages a culture of open communication.  As a result, it’s a real driver for change, both for individuals and for the business as a whole and you will see real business benefits as a result of having a culture of open communication.

Imagine that you or one of your colleagues were able to receive honest, clear and constructive feedback from the people they work with. Imagine this was easy to set up, easy to manage, using a proven set of questions that are known to provide a rounded perspective.  The 360 degree feedback template and collection tool is designed to achieve this:

Try the 360 Degree Feedback Template

Different Perspectives Add Value to Feedback

Every contributor will have a different and very valuable perspective.  The office clown might create a fun working atmosphere in the office, but be seen in a different light by clients. A manager who is respected by her peers for her direct, no nonsense approach may be viewed very differently by the people who report to her. 

If your performance review process relies on a single manager’s feedback, you may miss out on important and relevant perspectives and fail to get the full picture.

The Importance of the Debrief

Some people prefer 360 Degree Feedback to the traditional one-to-one annual review process. However the debrief process is dependent on  skill and sensitivity of the manager or mentor in order to manage the debrief session well.

Whatever the nature of the comments, you want people to come out of the process in a position to improve how they contribute to the business.  That means treating comments constructively and exploring what can be learnt from them, so that the person is motivated both to work on weaknesses and build on strengths.

Get Training to Understand Your 360 Degree Feedback

You may find that managers and mentors need some training in order to understand and manage the process effectively. Training will allow managers to develop their skill and confidence and equip everyone with an additional tool kit for improving performance

You’re welcome to use our example 360 Degree questions in your business.  But if you would like help to implement the approach or have access to on-line questionnaires to make the process, smooth, quick and efficient then we can provide the expertise to get you started. We offer the structure, on-line access and the training, support and mentoring that will make your 360 Degree appraisal program a success. We would be happy to talk to you about how you can take the next step.

Contact our 360 Degree Feeback Specialist

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