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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Nothing is Certain Except Death and Taxes – Managing Your Taxes

Small Business Finance

Original quote by Benjamin Franklin. Today, Franklin’s now famous quote still rings true.  The phrase speaks of the inevitable, and it is a fact that taxes are a critical element of any company or individuals considerations. With the economic situation teetering on the brink of serious crisis in many countries and budgets gripped like never before, everyone is working that ... Read More »

What is Your Business Engagement Model?

Business Engagement Model

For some engaging with others come natural and easy. For others its harder going. Using a model can make it easier and more effective when engaging with others whether customers, colleges, suppliers or other stakeholders. The most effective model is the one that works for you. We have looked at business engagement models and summarised some  core elements that lead ... Read More »

Create a Culture of Employee Feedback

employee feedback process

Creating a culture where employee feedback is a source of input for business improvement and ideas is powerful approach. Employees have first hand insight into how the business operate and will have identified ways the business can improve. Without an employee feedback culture all this potential is missed. It is key to engage employees in the process by making it ... Read More »

Announcing OnePage™ Recruitment

OnePage™ Recruitment, a brand-new concept in how to streamline the recruitment process

We’re excited to unveil OnePage™ Recruitment, a brand-new concept in how to streamline the recruitment process. Small and large companies will enjoy the bespoke features and excellent recruitment support that our new service offers. BBPN has developed an innovative yet simple solution to the problems of building a good candidate list while minimising the time spend both for the recruiter ... Read More »

Effective Business Development: A Marathon not a Sprint

Effective Business Development is a Marathon not Sprint

The key to effective business development lies in building trusting relationships with prospects and referrers.  But you knew that already didn’t you? Let’s see how a sporting metaphor can help us find the inside track when it comes to best practice business development.  The pursuit of rapid results is a natural human reflex and yet if we think about it, ... Read More »

B2B Customer Satisfaction: The Seven Point Plan

seven-point B2B customer satisfaction plan to help you keep your B2B customers on board.

We all know it is much cheaper to keep existing customers than to find new ones.  You need to choose what customers to focus on, you need to then set expectation levels, you need to communicate these levels to your team and your customers, you need to monitor and measure these levels, you need to be prepared to change if ... Read More »

Action Planning: It’s the Action Part That Counts

Great brainstorming session - but what happens next?

Great brainstorming session – but what happens next? Just what do you need to do to make sure your action planning meetings result in more than a pile of post-it notes? The meeting rooms of the world’s businesses are haunted by the ghosts of good ideas that were agreed as the way forward – but never put into practice. Why? ... Read More »

Successful Business Diversification Strategy

successful products umbrella sm

It was great to read the Manchester Evening News story about a local successful business diversification strategy from Heywood manufacturer Gilwood. Gilwood first opened in 1963 to produce stainless steel vats for cloth manufacturers based around Rochdale. You might have expected the business to go into a terminal decline as the textile mills closed down, but the family owners weren’t ... Read More »

Benchmark Your Business – In Total Confidence


The Business Best Practice HUB meets the need for business owners to compare their businesses to their peers and to the best in any business discipline. Not only this, it allows you to see critical areas where your business is has weaknesses or areas where your business has strengths. You can also access case studies and advice for how to ... Read More »

Application Questionnaires: Build better shortlists

Build Better Shortlists

With vacancies often attracting hundreds of applications, what can you do to make the short-listing process more efficient AND be sure you have chosen to interview the best candidates? Here, we explain how Application Questionnaires can help you build better short-lists in less time time than it would take you reading a fraction of the CV’s Application questionnaires care fully ... Read More »

Business Decision Making: Ideas Versus Objectives

Generate alternatives by considering what your overall objectives might be

There are many tools and techniques that can help with business decision making.  We will explore how to assess an idea and generate alternatives by considering what your overall objectives are.   Anyone who likes variety will be attracted to a new idea purely because it is different and it is a novelty.  Enthusiasm is exactly what you need when ... Read More »

What Could Poor Manager Performance be Costing Your Business?


When a business is performing poorly it’s easy to look outside and blame the economy, the government, or any number of factors outside your control.  And there’s no denying that all these things may well be important. But sometimes the problem lies closer to home. Poor Manager Performance Leads to Poor Business Results Research shows that poorly performing companies often ... Read More »

Behavioural Interviewing and How it Works

Behavioural Interviewing

Behavioural interviewing is based on the experience that the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in a similar situation. Some studies suggest that behavioural interviewing is 45% more likely than traditional interviewing to predict future job behaviour. The approach can be applied to any recruitment and selection process and is particularly valuable when recruiting customer facing staff, ... Read More »

Is it Easier to do Business Development with Existing Customers?

Business Development

Is it Easier to do business development with existing  customers? Yes, your existing customers are like gold dust. The recent GlassTalk Business Best Practice survey revealed some interesting insights for retailers and installers. The windows and glazing industry is extremely competitive and facing tough trading conditions. The survey identified how retailers and installers who market pro actively to their existing ... Read More »

360 Degree Feedback; Why Bother?

Safer Recruitment

You’ve heard of 360 Degree Feedback. You know that it’s something many big companies do. But with everything else you’ve got to do, why should you consider introducing it in your business? The fact is that if you improve management skills, you improve business performance. But in order to improve skills, you have to identify what needs improving – not ... Read More »

How to Improve Manager Performance Evaluation

How Well Can you Truly Assess Your Managers’ Performance?

How well can you evaluate manager performance? You are responsible for reviewing your managers. But how well can you as an individual really assess how successful they are? We all have different ways of doing things, and it’s easy to judge others negatively because their style isn’t similar to ours – though it may nevertheless be effective. No matter how ... Read More »

Appraisals Technique: What to do and what not to do

Safer Recruitment

A good appraisal process helps you get the best from every individual. A poor appraisal process is often a waste of time. Here are our top tips on appraisal techniques  to get the most from your appraisal sessions. Using these tips will help you get more form the process and get more from your team. Using effective appraisal techniques is ... Read More »

Customer Feedback Process: A checklist

Customer Feedback Process

Collecting customer feedback is all about making it easy for the customer to give feedback and making sure the feedback that is collected is actionable. Most importantly any customer feedback gathering must engage the customer in the process and demonstrate a genuine intention to assimilate and use the feedback. When used effectively, customer feedback helps you improve what you do ... Read More »

Interviewing Techniques for Candidates

Best Practice Interviewing Techniques for Candidates

Best Practice Recruitment – Interviewing Techniques for Candidates Once you have an interview for your dream role, how do you give yourself the best opportunity to be selected? Here’s how to get the best result on the day. Be Prepared On the role and organisation, do your research, understand the opportunity, the current size, news, market presence and growth potential ... Read More »

Golden Rules of Best Practice Recruitment

Golden Rules of Best Practice Recruitment

Does recruitment sometimes seem more of a chore than an opportunity? How confident are you that you always find the best person? Read these Ten Golden Rules of best practice recruitment to help you improve your experiences and get started on the right foot. Remember, recruitment success is measured by happy productive employees that choose to stay for many years. ... Read More »

When does professional indemnity insurance make sense?


If you offer a service that provides advice, a professional service or provide design input to your clients, then you may consider investing in professional indemnity insurance cover.  This is also known as professional liability cover and is regarded as an essential type of cover for some client engagements. So what can  investment in such a cover offer for you ... Read More »

Behavioural Interviewing in Safeguarding

Safeguarding In Recruitment

Research into Behavioural (Personal) Interviewing in Safeguarding is mainly based on enquiries into the abuse of children where the system has failed to protect them. Over time, the learning and changes to operational practice have been applied to adults who are also vulnerable to abuse. Using Personal Interviewing techniques will mean that you can create a safer working environment for ... Read More »