Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement


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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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OnePage™ Business Benchmarking Tools


The best practice HUB business benchmarking OnePage™ tools are interactive, quick and simple to use.  they are a simple way  to get benchmarking information and feedback for your business. The process is interactive, so you get immediate feedback on the topic as you complete your responses in the interactive process. You can the use the feedback to compare your approach ... Read More »

Case Study Creation Made Easy

Case Study Template

How do I Create a Case-study? Case study creation often on the “to-do” list that never gets completed. We have made it easy.  Using our approach, you can easily write a case study yourself based on the interaction you have had with the client. Using the clients own words where possible and using “citation marks” to illustrate the customer is ... Read More »

Employee Surveys Made Simple and Easy

Employee Feedback

We can help you design and implement employee surveys that give you real information you can use to make continuing improvements in your business. Our employee survey work covers two main areas:  Ongoing staff satisfaction levels and in-depth employee feedback.  We can help you learn about staff satisfaction surveys, employee surveys, and how to set up and run an employee ... Read More »

Customer Satisfaction Monitoring – Like Wearing Your Customers Shoes

Customer Feedback

Monitor your customers satisfaction – Try your customers shoes. You’re only as good as the service you deliver today. Unless you are constantly monitoring customer satisfaction, it’s all too easy for service quality to dip. Also, it’s not just about maintaining current standards. Customers’ expectations change over time as the market you are in develops.  What was acceptable in the past ... Read More »

Market Feedback Collection Made Easy

Market Feedback

It is essential to get feedback and insights from your market to help you make business decisions.  We’ve all seen businesses open and close within a short time, when it was obvious they had misjudged their market. Many times this could have been easily avoided by doing a little market research.  But Market research sounds complex. Yet market surveys can ... Read More »

Testimonial Feedback Collection Made Easy


Testimonial feedback from your existing customers is your most powerful marketing tool. Collecting testimonials is often missed due to other priorities or a desire not to inconvenience your customer. To break this habit and start asking for and using customer feedback to market you business, you can use this simple process which can be supported by your personalised OnePage™ Business ... Read More »

Customer Surveys

Customer Survey Tools

When you really know what your customers think, you can develop products and services that meet existing needs better, you can anticipate future needs more accurately, and you can grow your customer base. Effective Customer Surveys Delivered by Specialists. We work with you to develop and implement effective customer surveys that give you genuinely useful information.    Your Customers are ... Read More »


Recruitment Support Services

When embarking on recruitment there are many things to consider. Without a clear process, recruitment can be incredibly wasteful. Most problems in recruitment can be tracked back to a lack of a clear job specification at the outset of the recruitment process. Effective recruitment involves many steps of which each needed to be completed correctly. Each step is designed to ... Read More »

Testimonial Collection Tools

Testimonials from your existing customers is your most powerful marketing tool

Testimonial collection from your existing customers is your most powerful marketing tool. They strengthen the credibility of your business giving prospective customers the confidence to buy from you by reading your customer testimonials. Don’t have time to collect testimonials? Follow our quick and simple method for collecting valuable testimonials and you’ll realise you can’t afford not to! Customer feedback is ... Read More »

Recruitment Selection Process – Best Practice for Employers

Recruitment Selection Process

Using a structured recruitment selection process will help save time, as well as increasing the quality of the selection and the likelihood of producing  a strong short-list of qualified candidates. Prior to starting the recruitment selection process it is important to have worked out in your own mind and with the help of others suitable criteria for the appointment.  This ... Read More »

Effective Business Action Planning Process


No idea can ever be successful if it’s not taken the market. So, with a refined idea it’s time to make an action plan to get the message out. The effective business action planning process is about clarity of tasks and ownership and formed the final element of the Rapid Commercialisation workshop. The challenge is to turn good intentions at ... Read More »

Business Survey Tools

Business Survey Tools

Business surveys and feedback questionnaires can help in identifying ways to improve your business.  Getting the business survey tools set up and operating in ways that suits your target audience is key. And as importantly, preparing for the feedback that you are seeking help you ensure the feedback will be used to full effect. For many businesses, using customer and ... Read More »

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Use customer feedback – Customer Feedback Surveys help you really understand how to develop your business to better meet customer needs. Bespoke customer feedback surveys will help you understand how to better meet customer needs, now and into the future. See What Your Customers See – We put together questions that really help customers to give you useful feedback and ... Read More »

Why Benchmarking Works


Benchmarking allows comparisons with others to help your development Benchmarking shows you where you stand in relation to others, and points you in the right direction on what actions you can take. By looking outside of your own business environment, it gives you a fresh perspective on your business challenges. Too many choices? When faced with a multitude of possibilities ... Read More »

Market Surveys

Market Feedback

Survival Depends on Understanding your Market. No matter how great your new ideas for products and services, they will come to nothing if you don’t understand your chosen market.  Fast-changing political, economic, social and technological factors combine to create a climate where only those businesses that truly understand their target market will survive and thrive.   Don’t Put Your Business ... Read More »

Customer Testimonials


Testimonials Gets Results. Used well, testimonials are your single most powerful marketing tool.  A few words from a satisfied customer  provide that extra reassurance that prompts your next customer to buy. However, not all customer testimonials are equal.  You need to identify and collect relevant testimonials that will make your marketing material more credible and persuasive. Read our case studies ... Read More »

Best Practice Feedback


Feedback an Invaluable Business Tool Feedback from any source: customers, employees, colleagues, suppliers, prospects, in fact anyone you come into contact with is a priceless opportunity. Individuals and organisations who are open to seek, embrace and use the insights of others gain big benefits from this. Using feedback can be a formal process or just about paying attention to every ... Read More »

Using Safer Recruitment Techniques To Protect Vulnerable Clients

Safer Recruitment

Many people ask the question what is safer recruitment?  Safeguarding legislation and guidance says that people who work in organisations delivering services to children, young people or vulnerable adults are key in ensuring the safety of those clients. Understanding what motivates a person to abuse will help recruiters recognise the potentially significant signs. It stands to reason then that recruitment processes ... Read More »