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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Business Engagement – How Engaging are You?

Engagement is second nature for some. For others it can feel more challenging. Whatever your starting point, you can enhance your approach. Consider business engagement a skill that can be developed is an important first step.

In business, and life, engaging effectively with others is a useful skill. Effective business engagement skills has many applications including customer engagement, employee engagement and engagement with colleagues and other stakeholders.


What is the key to Being Engaging? – Watch This Video

Getting Started with Business Engagement Skills

We have created an interactive on-line questionnaire on effective business engagement. This will help to gain insights into how you engage in everyday business situations.  The interactive approach enables you to do this on your own.  Or you can work with someone else to bring additional perspectives and the opportunity to share insights. Make notes on what you learn as you progress.  Why don’t you try our Effective Business Engagement questionnaire:

Effective Business Engagement Questionnaire

Is your Business Engagement Effective?

Your own approach to engaging with others has evolved with you and your experiences in business and life. Some of this may be conscious while other elements are habits that are perhaps less obvious to you. Take a step back to explore how you engage and reflect on which parts of your own engagement model are effective.

Explore Business Engagement Tools

Whatever your starting point, the learning gained from exploring the survey will enhance your approach and give you new perspectives when you engage with others in business. By exploring these models we hope you will gain understanding that you can take back to your business and help you to make engagement decisions.

Covering all aspects of business engagement in a single survey is challenging, we have focused on some of the common types of business interactions and summarised best practice hints and tips for these:

A Simple Business Engagement Model

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