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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Business Survey Tools

Business surveys and feedback questionnaires can help in identifying ways to improve your business.  Getting the business survey tools set up and operating in ways that suits your target audience is key. And as importantly, preparing for the feedback that you are seeking help you ensure the feedback will be used to full effect.

For many businesses, using customer and market feedback to drive the business forward is on the “to do”. It need not stay there, here is how to progress:

Target Your Audience

When you consider how to survey, first thing is to consider who your are targeting.  Once you can answer this question, consider how best to approach them. Shop floor staff can give real insights to your business, but may rarely using email at work so an email or on-line approach may miss out important contributors. Now consider what will motivate your target audience to give you feedback. An example is existing customers.  Its important to give a reason that appeals to your audience. What is in it for them. If you have long term customer relationships, perhaps the most important incentive is the knowledge that you are trying to make your business give better service.

Planning for Meaningful Results

When you know how important it is to get feedback, it’s tempting to jump straight in. But unless you plan properly, you could find your time and resources have been wasted – or even that your efforts have harmed the business. Poorly-written questions will produce meaningless data, whilst a poorly-managed staff survey can cause an outbreak of cynicism. If you’re not prepared to take tough decisions as a result of what people tell you, then it’s best not to ask the question in the first place.

Practical Business Focus

Our specialists provide support with a practical business focus, so that you can be sure the results will really help you move forward. We also combine surveys with workshops and away days, so that you get focused discussions and ready-to-implement ideas.

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Business Survey Tools Tailored to Your Business Needs

Whether you want to collect feedback from staff, employees or peers, we will help you think about both the big picture and the detail. At BBPN, we take you through the process of setting up and running surveys that will help you use feedback to develop your business. Whatever your specific business challenges, feedback could give you the insight and ideas you need to overcome them. We create bespoke survey tools for Customer, Employee or Peer-to-Peer surveys, and provide additional support that helps you encourage positive participation, interpret the results, and take action.

Specialist Support and Advice

If you would like more in-depth support, then please do contact us. Our specialists have the experience to guide you through the process and help you lift your business performance through effective use of business surveys and feedback tools.

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