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Can Content Mapping Help Your Content Marketing Plan?

Content-MappingWhy you should start mapping content as part of your content marketing plan? Prospects are becoming increasingly stubborn to direct sales techniques, and whilst your traditional lead generation methods are losing their influence, your prospects are increasingly able to access free, highly accessible information in all kinds of forms.

So, with solution selling your aim is to target the prospect’s needs, ‘pains’, and ultimately their ‘soft spot’ rather than promoting your product or service before they are ready to buy!

Content mapping uses this same thought process by identifying the most relevant information for each of the different stages of a prospect’s buying cycle. Mapping your content marketing plan in this way helps you create relevant and engaging content for every stage in the cycle (and your sales cycle).

What is Content Mapping and how does this help Your Content Marketing Plan?

Prospects will always have a need for certain pieces of information at different stages and this is why content mapping is so important because you can ensure that you are providing them with the information they are looking for. Using a visual tool  will help you to gain an understanding of how you can use relevant content for your content marketing and B2B sales funnel and how you can incorporate content into your solution selling process.

How do I use Content Mapping?

There are many ways to use content mapping in your content marketing plan and B2B solution selling process:

– A content map establishes a common aim for all of your content contribution team to work towards. Developing a content mapping process and tailoring it to each of your target prospects will be a very beneficial. This is because  it can become a visual guide which communicates to each and every one of your team exactly what they need to do at each stage so content to support your solution selling cycle will improve dramatically.

– Producing new, relevant content on a regular basis is a bit like revision and you will quickly become extremely knowledgeable about the market you are hoping to sell to. Particularly, you will constantly keep up-to-date with your prospects’ needs and worries which is always going to be useful for all stages of a sale.

– Content which is already available can help you gain a significant insight into prospects by analysing their needs. Why not use existing content which your prospects have published (e.g. blog posts, forum posts, blog comments, and social media) to find out exactly what their concerns are?

Use this research to formulate a more complex understanding of their key needs at each stage of their buying process and publish content that thoroughly addresses these at every stage of your B2B solution sales cycle.

Use a Visual Tool to Help Your Planning

Our visual tool is designed to help you begin experiencing the many benefits of content mapping for your B2B solution selling, so why not get started now? Download our content mapping visual aid:

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Share Your Own Experiences of Content Mapping

What are your own experiences of making content marketing plans? What do you do to prioritise and organise your content marketing programme and does it work for you? Add your comments and experiences below:

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