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Case Study Creation Made Easy

Case Study TemplateHow do I Create a Case-study? Case study creation often on the “to-do” list that never gets completed. We have made it easy.  Using our approach, you can easily write a case study yourself based on the interaction you have had with the client.

Using the clients own words where possible and using “citation marks” to illustrate the customer is talking will make the case study stand out. If you are not confident writing your own case study, you can get help.


How can I get Help With Case-study Creation?

Working with someone else who is good at editing and writing will help your case study stand out. It is easier for an editor to create the case study if they understand your perspective and then have the opportunity to speak with the client about their experience. So the first step is to ask you client if they are happy to participate. Then you follow this process:

Step 1 – Complete the Case Study Request

You may have a personalised case-study request questionnaire. Alternatively use our case study creation template . Remember that your input will help the editor write a compelling story. The more relevant details the better. You don’t need to worry about grammar or what your customers perspective may be, just the facts and your own perspective.

Step 2 – Review the Draft

Once the editor has spoken to your client, got their perspective and written the case-study, you will be able to review the draft. It is also good practice to get your clients final approval. Your client will likely add a few more helpful insights when they read the draft.

Step 3 – Use Your Case-study

Publish the case study on your web-site and other places where your prospects and customers are likely to read it. Use it as to support proposals and quotations when they are sent out to customers. Your case study is a great addition to your marketing materials.

Try our Interactive Case Study Creation Template

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