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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Using an External Recruiter

external recruiter

When you find that your time is scarce in a business to do any task you should use an external consultant to free up your time.  Using an external recruiter is no different to using an accountant or a solicitor. It is a service you engage and pay for.  Before you do use an external recruiter you need to determine the ... Read More »

The Difference Between Invention and Innovation


Businesses that use innovation effectively have both a high level of competence in an area of technology but also a deep insight into markets and customers who might benefit from that technology.It is important to distinguish between Invention and Innovation. An invention is a discovery, usually technical in nature. Innovation is the process of putting a new idea to practical use. ... Read More »

OnePage™ – Service Delivery Benchmark Part 1

Customer Satisfaction

How do you manage your service delivery, and how does your approach compare with others? Try our interactive best practice benchmark survey to find out. Explore how you clarify and confirm customer expectation at the outset  of service delivery and compare this with the approach of other businesses. Part 1 of this benchmark focuses on  how clarity of expectation is ... Read More »

Business Innovation Ideas: The Three Pillars

new ideas business thought sm

Research has identified three broad pillars of innovation that any business needs to put in place too innovate successfully.  It is important to plan and prepare for any business to make innovation into a core activity.  The three pillars of innovation can help you plan for the development of your business innovation process.     1st Pillar – A Clear ... Read More »

Business Innovation Ideas Looking at Customer Needs


Many studies have shown that innovative companies tend to have larger market shares, higher growth rates and higher profitability compared to competitors who do not achieve the same levels of business innovation ideas. the question is “How to Innovate Successfully?” and to answer this question, defining the word innovation is key. Some will tend to favour a succinct, rather traditional ... Read More »

Which is the Best Recruitment Process to Use?


Which recruitment process to use is a question most businesses will have to answer sooner or later.  There are a lot of recruitment approaches that you can use and some of these are very effective. Before you decide which recruitment method is going to be the best one for you to use to help with your recruitment needs you need ... Read More »

Effective Recruitment: Using alternative methods

Employee Engagement

What is the most effective recruitment methods that you should use to recruit an employee? It has become common practice today to advertise on-line, this can be very cost effective if you have the time to handle and filter the responses yourself. It is also possible to advertise a position on national job sites for a fee per site. In ... Read More »

Adapting Your ERP Approach to Your Business Needs

Cluod Based IT Systems

Any manager who wants to streamline the internal processes of their business needs to consider the value an effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) strategy can offer. A good ERP system allows data to be synchronised and shared across an entire organisation’s departments – from manufacturing to sales. ERP software usually has a single database at the very heart, which holds ... Read More »

Nothing is Certain Except Death and Taxes – Managing Your Taxes

Small Business Finance

Original quote by Benjamin Franklin. Today, Franklin’s now famous quote still rings true.  The phrase speaks of the inevitable, and it is a fact that taxes are a critical element of any company or individuals considerations. With the economic situation teetering on the brink of serious crisis in many countries and budgets gripped like never before, everyone is working that ... Read More »

Staff Satisfaction – Key to Make Your Business Grow?

BBPN Associates

Does happy employees lead to happy customers? Does happy customers lead to a healthy business? If you believe the answer is yes, then it is essential  to understand what motivates your employee’s.  Monitoring staff satisfaction can give an insight into what your employees are thinking and how you can help to improve staff satisfaction in the work place and directly ... Read More »

Marketing to Existing Customers is like Washing for Gold

Business Development

Marketing to existing customers is like washing for gold. You know its there, you just have to find it.  The windows and glazing industry is extremely competitive and facing tough trading conditions. The main challenge for retailers and installers is to maintain or grow their sales volume in a tough market.  They need to look for new ways to grow ... Read More »

Free Recruitment Techniques – How to Get Results

Recruitment Support Services

Free recruitment, sounds great, can it be done?  If you follow a few simple and practical approaches yourself,  you may be able to perform the recruitment task for little or no expense other than your own time. Choosing the most effective route to finding candidate’s is crucial. You need to ask yourself what are the best recruitment techniques that you ... Read More »

What is Your Business Engagement Model?

Business Engagement Model

For some engaging with others come natural and easy. For others its harder going. Using a model can make it easier and more effective when engaging with others whether customers, colleges, suppliers or other stakeholders. The most effective model is the one that works for you. We have looked at business engagement models and summarised some  core elements that lead ... Read More »

Best Practice 360 Degree Feedback Template

360 Feedback

360 degree feedback is a powerful approach to help managers and employees gain self awareness through insights on how how others see them. With feedback collected from many sources people are more prepared to take action on the results than when they receive feedback only from their line manager.  A 360 degree feedback template enable simple and easy collection of  ... Read More »

Innovative Solution to Benchmarking and Sharing Best Practice

Best Practice Sharing By Topic

Past perception is that benchmarking and comparing best practice approaches is expensive and only for large organisations with big budgets. This does not have to be the case. Smaller organisations can benefit as much if not more from the insights of other businesses. By participating in interactive benchmarking everyone will learn about their strengths and weaknesses and get ideas for ... Read More »

Create a Culture of Employee Feedback

employee feedback process

Creating a culture where employee feedback is a source of input for business improvement and ideas is powerful approach. Employees have first hand insight into how the business operate and will have identified ways the business can improve. Without an employee feedback culture all this potential is missed. It is key to engage employees in the process by making it ... Read More »

Free Business Benchmarking Tools

Industry Benchmarking

How to access relevant benchmarking information? Large companies regularly pay large fees for benchmarking data relating to their industry sector, or have their own internal teams working to produce reports on how they compare with their competitors or with other companies like themselves.  Smaller businesses can benefit just as much from these types of insights, but don’t have the budget ... Read More »

Northern Soho MentorMatch


Do you need a Mentor to help you with your personal or your business development?  Your future career? Your future success? From a survey of what support our members would like we have created the Northern Soho MentorMatch scheme. Northern Soho members can be matched with an independent, experienced Mentor to provide support for personal and/or business development, as appropriate. ... Read More »

OnePage™ Business Benchmarking Tools


The best practice HUB business benchmarking OnePage™ tools are interactive, quick and simple to use.  they are a simple way  to get benchmarking information and feedback for your business. The process is interactive, so you get immediate feedback on the topic as you complete your responses in the interactive process. You can the use the feedback to compare your approach ... Read More »

Case Study Creation Made Easy

Case Study Template

How do I Create a Case-study? Case study creation often on the “to-do” list that never gets completed. We have made it easy.  Using our approach, you can easily write a case study yourself based on the interaction you have had with the client. Using the clients own words where possible and using “citation marks” to illustrate the customer is ... Read More »

Product Definition With Impact: Using Rapid Value Proposition Process

Using Rapid Value Proposition Development

A team based and cross-functional value proposition process can quickly create a clear definition for a product or service. This is challenged by discussion and by using template based techniques to ensure the definition and value proposition is robust, marketable and has genuine commercial potential. The value proposition process enables the team to get very close to a final definition ... Read More »

Customer Satisfaction Monitoring – Like Wearing Your Customers Shoes

Customer Feedback

Monitor your customers satisfaction – Try your customers shoes. You’re only as good as the service you deliver today. Unless you are constantly monitoring customer satisfaction, it’s all too easy for service quality to dip. Also, it’s not just about maintaining current standards. Customers’ expectations change over time as the market you are in develops.  What was acceptable in the past ... Read More »

Market Feedback Collection Made Easy

Market Feedback

It is essential to get feedback and insights from your market to help you make business decisions.  We’ve all seen businesses open and close within a short time, when it was obvious they had misjudged their market. Many times this could have been easily avoided by doing a little market research.  But Market research sounds complex. Yet market surveys can ... Read More »

Announcing OnePage™ Recruitment

OnePage™ Recruitment, a brand-new concept in how to streamline the recruitment process

We’re excited to unveil OnePage™ Recruitment, a brand-new concept in how to streamline the recruitment process. Small and large companies will enjoy the bespoke features and excellent recruitment support that our new service offers. BBPN has developed an innovative yet simple solution to the problems of building a good candidate list while minimising the time spend both for the recruiter ... Read More »

Effective Business Development: A Marathon not a Sprint

Effective Business Development is a Marathon not Sprint

The key to effective business development lies in building trusting relationships with prospects and referrers.  But you knew that already didn’t you? Let’s see how a sporting metaphor can help us find the inside track when it comes to best practice business development.  The pursuit of rapid results is a natural human reflex and yet if we think about it, ... Read More »

Building a Candidate List with Best Practice Recruitment Process

Recruiting the right people into your business is crucial for its long-term success

Recruiting the right people into your business is crucial for its long-term success. But sifting through applications, reading CVs, developing short lists and interviewing candidates can be a time consuming and often costly process. The best practice recruitment process is developed as an innovative yet simple solution to the problems of building a good candidate list while minimising the time ... Read More »

On-line business Critical to Survival


Since deciding to focus on the potential of the on-line business, Skytrex the railway and military models business has continued to expand.The company decided to take advantage of new international sales channels available on-line, while also developing existing channels. Developing new products, maintaining quality and customer service has put pressure on resources. Critical to growth has been the decision to ... Read More »

B2B Customer Satisfaction: The Seven Point Plan

seven-point B2B customer satisfaction plan to help you keep your B2B customers on board.

We all know it is much cheaper to keep existing customers than to find new ones.  You need to choose what customers to focus on, you need to then set expectation levels, you need to communicate these levels to your team and your customers, you need to monitor and measure these levels, you need to be prepared to change if ... Read More »

Does Price Matter in Competitive Industries?

It is a common notion that price is the main driver of choice in most industries

Does price matter?  It is a common notion that price is the main driver of choice in most industries. However, the GlassTalk  Survey, which focused on the glazing industry, challenged this preconception. The GlassTalk Survey examined the link between price and supplier choice in the Windows and Glazing supply chain. Commonly viewed as a very competitive industry the survey uncovered ... Read More »

The Feedback that Drives Success


The feedback that drives success from customers is vital to any business, whether it’s a simple, morale-boosting pat on the back, or constructive criticism that can be used to improve the service you deliver. Learn how this has been made easy, effective and high impact. However, accessing the kind of feedback that can really make a difference to a business ... Read More »

Fabricators and Value Added Resellers – Your Customers Choice is all About Customer Service

Your Customers Choice is all About Service

Many industries rely on fabricators and value added resellers to do the ‘dirty work’ of adapting the manufacturer’s standard product to meet the customer’s application and exact requirements.  But your customer’s choice is all about customer service and this is a must to to be able to succeed in this market. Being a fabricator or value added reseller is highly ... Read More »

Benchmark Your Business – In Total Confidence


The Business Best Practice HUB meets the need for business owners to compare their businesses to their peers and to the best in any business discipline. Not only this, it allows you to see critical areas where your business is has weaknesses or areas where your business has strengths. You can also access case studies and advice for how to ... Read More »

Recruitment Selection Process – Best Practice for Employers

Recruitment Selection Process

Using a structured recruitment selection process will help save time, as well as increasing the quality of the selection and the likelihood of producing  a strong short-list of qualified candidates. Prior to starting the recruitment selection process it is important to have worked out in your own mind and with the help of others suitable criteria for the appointment.  This ... Read More »

Business Decision Making: Ideas Versus Objectives

Generate alternatives by considering what your overall objectives might be

There are many tools and techniques that can help with business decision making.  We will explore how to assess an idea and generate alternatives by considering what your overall objectives are.   Anyone who likes variety will be attracted to a new idea purely because it is different and it is a novelty.  Enthusiasm is exactly what you need when ... Read More »

Behavioural Interviewing and How it Works

Behavioural Interviewing

Behavioural interviewing is based on the experience that the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in a similar situation. Some studies suggest that behavioural interviewing is 45% more likely than traditional interviewing to predict future job behaviour. The approach can be applied to any recruitment and selection process and is particularly valuable when recruiting customer facing staff, ... Read More »

Is it Easier to do Business Development with Existing Customers?

Business Development

Is it Easier to do business development with existing  customers? Yes, your existing customers are like gold dust. The recent GlassTalk Business Best Practice survey revealed some interesting insights for retailers and installers. The windows and glazing industry is extremely competitive and facing tough trading conditions. The survey identified how retailers and installers who market pro actively to their existing ... Read More »

360 Degree Feedback; Why Bother?

Safer Recruitment

You’ve heard of 360 Degree Feedback. You know that it’s something many big companies do. But with everything else you’ve got to do, why should you consider introducing it in your business? The fact is that if you improve management skills, you improve business performance. But in order to improve skills, you have to identify what needs improving – not ... Read More »

Successful Marketing Techniques

Successful Marketing Techniques

Successful marketing isn’t always about making more sales – It might seem obvious to say that if you sell more, your marketing has been successful, but this is not always the case. In fact, the opposite can be true. Changing your marketing techniques could start to bring in fewer sales, yet be more successful. How? Because successful marketing is about ... Read More »

How Case Studies can Help Promote Your Business

Case Study Template

A well-written, well structured case study is an excellent and cost-effective way to showcase your organisation’s capabilities, and ultimately encourage more customers to buy your products and services. Case studies can be used in a number of ways to promote your business, from gaining free publicity in relevant publications, to adding a fresh look to your company’s home page. But ... Read More »

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Use customer feedback – Customer Feedback Surveys help you really understand how to develop your business to better meet customer needs. Bespoke customer feedback surveys will help you understand how to better meet customer needs, now and into the future. See What Your Customers See – We put together questions that really help customers to give you useful feedback and ... Read More »

Effective Appraisals Start with Open Questions

Keeping things simple and engaging

Business managers often question the value of appraisals. It is easy to overlook the benefits and just see the cost in time and disruption from preparing and delivering appraisals. However effective appraisals add lots of value to any business provided the appraisal program is simple, easy to use and creates an opportunity for manager and employee to talk about performance. ... Read More »

Interviewing Techniques for Candidates

Best Practice Interviewing Techniques for Candidates

Best Practice Recruitment – Interviewing Techniques for Candidates Once you have an interview for your dream role, how do you give yourself the best opportunity to be selected? Here’s how to get the best result on the day. Be Prepared On the role and organisation, do your research, understand the opportunity, the current size, news, market presence and growth potential ... Read More »

Golden Rules of Best Practice Recruitment

Golden Rules of Best Practice Recruitment

Does recruitment sometimes seem more of a chore than an opportunity? How confident are you that you always find the best person? Read these Ten Golden Rules of best practice recruitment to help you improve your experiences and get started on the right foot. Remember, recruitment success is measured by happy productive employees that choose to stay for many years. ... Read More »

What Is Mentoring


What is Mentoring? Mentoring refers to a personal, developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person provides short, medium or long-term professional support to a less experienced or less knowledgeable person to assist them within their professional or personal situation in order to develop and achieve their goals.   In other words, mentoring is supporting and encouraging ... Read More »

Example Job Post

Job Vacancy Posting

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OnePage Revolutionises Recruitment Process


Newspaper adverts, mountains of CVs and half-hearted applicants are a thing of the past at Manchester – based Trolex. The company has embraced BBPN’s new OnePage™ recruitment funnel, a questionnaire-based solution which is transforming the way in which they find new employees. Trolex manufacture sensor and monitoring equipment for hazardous areas and in the past, explains HR manager Lucy Murphy, ... Read More »

Best Practice Feedback


Feedback an Invaluable Business Tool Feedback from any source: customers, employees, colleagues, suppliers, prospects, in fact anyone you come into contact with is a priceless opportunity. Individuals and organisations who are open to seek, embrace and use the insights of others gain big benefits from this. Using feedback can be a formal process or just about paying attention to every ... Read More »