Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement


Need help? Our associates and partners deliver support, training and business services developed using our best practice methodology

Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Business Best Practice Specialist Contributors and Associates

The Best Practice HUB joins individuals and organisations that use best practice. Our associates commitment include the continued development and sharing of best practice in their field.

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Alison Driver – Practical HR Specialist

Alison Driver

Alison Driver is a professionally-qualified HR specialist with over 25 years’ experience. She works with businesses to help solve people-related issues. Alison gives practical advice and support, helping employers with employee problems and challenges in a way that balances legal compliance with the needs of the business.  Her starting point is always to listen to the employer and establish the ... Read More »

Simon Barlow – Recruitment Process Specialist

Simon Barlow

Simon Barlow works with companies to help with their recruitment needs. His services include clarification of role specifications, recruitment campaigns, search and selection.  Simon also offers recruitment and search process training to HR staff and internal recruiters. Simon covers interview training, retention of staff, and design and implementation of effective recruitment campaign processes and policies based on our best practice ... Read More »

Steve Morgan – Performance Management Specialist

Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan mentors business owners and their teams to set and achieve goals for their business. Steve worked in the Telecommunications, Construction and Electrical sectors for over 20 years.  His experience includes over 15 years in management, plus roles at director level since 2004.  He now uses his skills and experience to help business owners progress their own business objectives. ... Read More »

Peter Cruikshanks – Continuous Improvement Specialist

Peter Cruikshanks

Having trained as a chartered accountant, Peter Cruikshanks then went beyond the numbers to coach business managers, lead change programmes, introduce customer experience programmes, and develop new businesses. He seeks continuous improvement wherever he works. Peter also provides one-to-one start-up support through Business Link and lectures at Bradford School of Management, specialising in SME support.  He worked in B2B management and leadership ... Read More »

Matthew Theobald – Project Management Specialist

Matthew Theobald

Matthew Theobald collaborates with organisations to improve the effectiveness of their project delivery. As a result of his input, companies are able to recover failing projects, find and manage their critical risks, do the right activities, at the right time, in line with a clear strategy, and make tough project viability decisions earlier. Through in-depth research and client feedback, Matthew ... Read More »

Mark Hillsdon – Case Study Author

Mark Hillsdon

Mark Hillsdon is a case study specialist, working across a variety of mediums to help businesses, both big and small, to promote their products and services. Having trained as a journalist on local newspapers, Mark moved to the other side of the desk as press officer for a North West Chamber of Commerce, before becoming a freelance writer nearly 20 ... Read More »

Beverley Moore – Online Copywriter

Beverley Moore

Beverley Moore helps businesses and individuals get results from the written word. She is both a professional copywriter and a trainer in writing skills. As a copywriter, she creates web and print wording that leads people to click, phone or buy. As a trainer, she helps groups and individuals in business to communicate more effectively with customers and colleagues. Beverley’s ... Read More »

Ian Walker – Business Development Trainer and Coach

Ian Walker Business Development Trainer and Coach

Ian Walker is an experienced Business Development Coach with a blend of expertise gained from a highly successful career in Sales and Marketing.  Ian has held a number of Leadership roles in international Manufacturing, followed by over fifteen years as a business owner running a profitable service sector company.   Ian is known for his extraordinary sixth sense in ‘reading’ ... Read More »

Dr Andrew Woodward – Business Innovation Specialist

Andrew Woodward

Dr Andrew Woodward is a business innovation specialist with over 25 years’ experience. Andrew originally trained as a scientist and engineer and he has held board and senior management positions within subsidiaries of a number of major international plc’s where he gained extensive international business experience. Andrew works as a business coach and mentor to directors and management teams seeking ... Read More »

Mike Knudsen – Business Communications Specialist

Mike Knudsen

Mike Knudsen works with businesses to create and implement strategies for growth. Mike is a founding member of the Business Best Practice Network where he focuses on development and delivery of highly effective business support services, derived from the BBPN best practice development framework. Mike specialises in business communication with internal and external stakeholders.  Mike delivers organisational development and internal ... Read More »