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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Customer Engagement

Effective CommunicationCustomer engagement starts with understanding your customers and learning what they will value. From this comes a value proposition for each product and service, and out of this comes your marketing strategy. Put the customer at the start of your planning, and you will be able to create products and services they will want to buy – and you will sell more. What does this mean in practice?

We help companies differentiate their business and gain competitive advantage by engaging more effectively with their customers.

Getting the customer experience right

From an initial search for your website right through to credit control, every interaction a customer has with you is an experience of your brand. How engaging do they find each of these interactions?  Do they feel welcomed and valued? Our specialists explore those contact points with you and look at ways you can make each of them a more positive experience for the customer.

Creating a dialogue

We help you identify the best ways of talking with and listening to your customers. It’s not just about attracting new business. Retaining existing business is even more important. When did you last have any contact with your top five customers beyond simply delivering what they have ordered?  Can you be confident they will come back to you next time they need what you offer?

Seeking and using customer feedback

Feedback on products, processes and outcomes gives valuable insights that can lead to real innovation and have a direct impact on the bottom line. We guide you on how to ask for and get customer feedback that is genuinely useful, and help to you assess the information you get in and use it to inform decision making. Not everything the customer says they want is necessarily the right thing to do – but their suggestions might spark other ideas that suggest  new ways forward.

Effective processes

Successful customer engagement depends on effective processes. We help you implement simple, step-by-step processes that everyone involved can understand and will follow. You get continuing positive contacts with prospects and customers, and develop the strong relationships that lead to loyalty and increased lifetime value.

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