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Effective Recruitment: Using alternative methods

What is the most effective recruitment methods that you should use to recruit an employee? It has become common practice today to advertise on-line, this can be very cost effective if you have the time to handle and filter the responses yourself.

It is also possible to advertise a position on national job sites for a fee per site. In some sectors such as engineering, professional services or technology there are specialists networks and websites where you can advertise your need, again you can place a simple add for a fee.

How to Advertise Directly?

Local papers usually have an on-line job board for local recruitment campaigns this is a good way of targeting your recruit locally. You can for a minimal cost advertise on a job board on-line or in a publication. This way reduces direct costs to the business.

Following a set Process for Recruitment Will Help Attract the Right Candidates


To ensure success you should make sure to follow a process that address these challenges:

– Write a job advert which needs to be structured to attract the right applicants, this is differently from a role specification.

– Placing your advert in a publication means the advert will have to be tailored to be publication. This can involve working with a graphical designer to format your logo and advert.

– Reading and screening the applications without the right process and tools is time consuming as is responding to all the unsuccessful applicants.

Interviewing the Selected Candidates

This does take time out of your working day but if cost is an issue to the business and it’s a general role then to do all this can garner great results for little cost.

 If you do decide to use the free and direct advertising routes this can become time consuming for you or your colleagese, and will rely heavily on the right individuals seeing and applying to your advert.

It is Vital to Respond to all the Applications That you Receive

The major trap businesses fall into is one of not responding to all applicants who have been unsuccessful by phone, email or letter to let them know that they have been unsuccessful in their application.

This is a crucial part of the process of recruitment as your businesses reputation can be damaged now or in the future if you do not communicate directly with each applicant. However you find the candidate, at this point you need to have thought through your recruitment selection process.  If you would like to learn more about recruitment selection process please click below:

Learn More About Recruitment Selection Process


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