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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Employee Engagement

Employee EngagementWhen people care about what they do and feel appreciated, they work more effectively. When they know exactly how they as individuals and teams can help the business achieve its goals, they work more productively. Both elements are vital if you want to get the best from every employee. We provide practical support to help you increase employee engagement and improve business results.

Our specialists have experience of a wide range of employee engagement tools and techniques and will work closely with you to find effective ways for you to increase participation,  motivation, and productivity. Because we focus on your current business rather than on theoretical learning, you get quick wins right from the start as well as solid foundations for ongoing improvements.

Developing teams

Working with leaders and their teams, we help improve the quality of teamwork within businesses. Using a mixture of facilitated discussions, structured small group workshops and individual mentoring, we explore how the team works now, what obstacles might be holding it back, and what you can do to overcome those obstacles.

Our toolbox includes personality profiling and problem solving techniques plus a wide range of other tools for analysing, understanding, and improving individual and team behaviour. We also look at how leaders interact with their teams, finding ways to improve communication so that employees feel involved, engaged, and motivated.

Managing performance

We help you reach business goals faster by setting up and running effective performance management systems.  We concentrate on three key aspects:

  • Aligning individual goals with company strategy, so everyone is directing their efforts to the activities that matter most.
  • Monitoring performance, using tools such as job descriptions, goal setting, performance appraisal, and 360 degree feedback to ensure that everyone knows how well they are doing, how they are contributing to the business, and how they can improve.
  • Identifying relevant development needs,so staff can learn new skills that both benefit them as individuals and also contribute to company goals.

With solid performance management systems in place, you see staff motivation increase and performance levels rise.

Using employee feedback

Your employees can give you ideas and insights that will drive innovation and growth – if you let them. Even in a relaxed atmosphere, employees don’t always feel able to make comments face-to-face. We  help you put in place simple but effective feedback mechanisms that give everyone a chance to have their say and perhaps see their ideas taken up.

You can also use feedback surveys to find out how employees are feeling about the organisation, and use the results to spot trends over time.

Asking for feedback is a great way to make employees feel valued and respected. If you are prepared to act on what your people tell you. And we can help with that, too.

How engaging are you?

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