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Employing Graduates – Bringing Fresh Thinking to Your Business ?

Employing GraduatesAs your business grows, do you sometimes wonder how to grow your team with it? Could employing graduates or apprentices provide a route to expand your team? And how can you find the time manage and develop these potential future star employees.

Taking on employees to handle the higher volumes of work comes with its own challenges. It is a difficult balancing act to employ the right mix of employees not just for now but as the basis for the future growth of your business.

Famous Businesses Have Succeeded by Mixing Youth With Experience

When Alex Ferguson took over at Manchester United, a team who were under performing, he built a squad to win the Premiership.  He did not take advice from Alan Hansen that “you’ll win nothing with kids”. The comment was not entirely valid as he had balanced youth with experience.

He went on to win the Champions League with a squad which included Beckham and Giggs, and this has been the foundation for United’s domination in England for well over two decades.

Other clubs who have spent heavily on more mature players may get immediate success but it does not last. The mature players do not have the young footballers snapping at their heels to take their place in the squad.

What is the Right mix of ages to Have in a Business?

Many businesses miss out on the benefit of having a balanced mix of ages in their employees. Traditional industries like engineering who value the experience of their employees are particularly prone to this. When times are tough, they do not take on new employees and the average age of their employees creeps up.  The danger here is if all the current employees retire as they are of a similar age then the business will have lost all of its intellectual knowledge base.

What Happens When you do not Take on new Employees?

Many years ago, I worked for a business who lost many of their best engineers to a rival. They went into receivership a couple of years later with the rival then buying the company on the cheap. There had been a lack of new product development within this business, little in the way of new ideas with employees increasingly becoming less flexible in their working practices.

Does Balancing Youth and Experience Have a Positive Effect?

Companies benefit by having a healthy balance of youth and experience.  By encouraging businesses to employ graduates or apprentices I have managed to bring fresh thinking and modern ways of working. That’s not all though. I have witnessed a fresh spark in the older employees who have worked closely with graduates or apprentices.

Will Employing a Graduate Help to Free up Valuable Time?

It is very easy as when you are running a business to get sucked into the day to day running.  To prevent this you need to make sure you have the right blend of skills in your employees to call upon.  By employing graduates or apprentices you will find that valuable time is made available when work is delegated to graduates or apprentices.  This time could then be spent on business development to help you drive your business forward.

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