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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Feedback Best PracticeFeedback  –  an Invaluable Business Tool

Individuals and organisations who seek, embrace and use the insights of others gain big benefits. Feedback from any source –  customers, employees, colleagues, suppliers, prospects,  in fact, anyone you come into contact with – is a priceless opportunity.  Using feedback can be a formal process, or can simply involve paying attention to every interaction you have.


The Golden Rules for Gathering Feedback

Feedback is invaluable for getting ideas, setting priorities and developing action plans for taking business forward. But before you start gathering feedback, take a little time to reflect on the golden rules for gathering feedback:

  • Whatever you learn, good or bad, take it on-board and appreciate the feedback.
  • If you are prepared to ask for feedback, be prepared to act upon it too.
  • Feedback from several sources, even a few, is great for identifying patterns and trends.

Pay attention to the source of your feedback. Whether a disgruntled customer or happy employee, they are helping you by sharing their views. Remember the right response to any feedback is always: ‘Thank you’.

Use Feedback to Boost Business Performance

When you ask for feedback on products, processes and outcomes from customers, staff and other stakeholders, you gain valuable insights that can lead to real innovation and have a direct impact on the bottom line.  Learn how simple Business Surveys can help you get ideas and direction for your Business.

Use Feedback to Boost Personal Performance

At BBPN, you’ll find ideas that will help you collect feedback, communicate it successfully to the relevant people, and steer performance improvements towards clear business-related goals.  One example is the 360 Degree Feedback process.

Our case studies show you how others have put feedback into practice successfully, and our OnePage™ benchmarking surveys give you the opportunity to get immediate feedback on a particular aspect of your business.

Your Team Needs Feedback Too

The performance of your business depends upon the performance of your people; to improve performance, everyone needs feedback. For teams to perform to their full potential, it is essential that people at all levels understand how to give – and receive – feedback.

Well-managed feedback is a powerful driver for people who care about their own performance and their contribution to the business but poorly-managed feedback can be quite the opposite. It can damage morale, harm relationships, and lead to people focusing on personal development goals that aren’t aligned with business needs.

Specialist Support and Advice

If you would like more in-depth support to help you implement feedback in your business, we can help. Our specialists are experienced in a range of business areas and have proven expertise in supporting businesses to develop and grow.

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