Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement


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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Innovative Solution to Benchmarking and Sharing Best Practice

Best PracticePast perception is that benchmarking and comparing best practice approaches is expensive and only for large organisations with big budgets. This does not have to be the case.

Smaller organisations can benefit as much if not more from the insights of other businesses. By participating in interactive benchmarking everyone will learn about their strengths and weaknesses and get ideas for how they can improve.


The Best Practice HUB offer an innovative yet simple solution for sharing and comparison of best practice approaches across different businesses. This enables entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and managers identify and implement effective solutions to address common business challenges.

Best Practice HUB  provides access to interactive benchmarking tools, case studies, and guides. These resources are available for businesses, and membership organisations looking to benchmark, compare and promote best practice solutions and continuous improvement.

Bringing Insights and Experience from Business to Business

Business Best Practice Network founding associate Mike Knudsen explains:

“When working with businesses across different sectors and sizes it struck me that so much experience could be shared for mutual gain – The challenge is to create an accessible forum where businesses can interact, compare and share their knowledge without having to meet face to face”
“We created to provide this facility and to help businesses sharing with and learning from each others without any upfront conditions or expectation. We know from our own experience that this approach is very powerful and leads to mutual benefit and “win-win” outcomes”

Free, Easy to use, Confidentiality Assured

A founding principle of the Best Practice HUB is to provide free access to content such as interactive benchmarking, articles, tools and guides. This allows everyone with a “can do” attitude to research, adopt and implement best practice approaches using the content as inspiration and as a guide.

You can benchmark your business in total confidence. Survey responses are aggregated and anonymity is ensured for all.  Only trends are shown in the reports and no details can be attributed to any particular survey respondent or business.

Bite Sized Sharing and Learning With OnePage™

The Best Practice OnePage™ approach makes it as easy to share insights, as it is to learn from them.  The Best Practice HUB facilitates sharing of content contributions from specialists offering experience and perspective in their field. Content creation is made easy by straightforward submission templates and fully supported by the editorial team

Share Your Best Practice Content

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