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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Market Surveys

Market FeedbackSurvival Depends on Understanding your Market. No matter how great your new ideas for products and services, they will come to nothing if you don’t understand your chosen market.

 Fast-changing political, economic, social and technological factors combine to create a climate where only those businesses that truly understand their target market will survive and thrive.


Don’t Put Your Business at Risk

There’s a certain risk involved in every business decision – but why make that risk greater than necessary? The challenge affects businesses both large and small, global and local.  Take Kodak.  In 1988, the company employed 145,300 people.  By late 2009, that had dropped to 19,900 – despite the fact Kodak invented the digital camera.  They just didn’t see the market opportunities.  How well do you understand your market place, and the changes taking place?  Can you be confident you wouldn’t make the same mistake?

Run Your Own Market Surveys

We’ve all seen businesses open and close within a short time, when it was obvious they had misjudged their market.  Yet market surveys can be done easily, and don’t necessarily have to be complex or expensive.  A simple survey can often give you all the information you need, and can even make the difference between business success and failure. If you undertake regular market surveys, you will better understand what your competitors are doing, and how your market is responding and evolving.  You will be able to make informed decisions, make the most of opportunities, and protect your business and your staff.

Resources to help you run Market Surveys for your Business

Whether you’re just planning a new business or are already established, want to survey a specific customer group or a niche market sector, you will find resources and support. On the BBPN site, you will find template surveys you can use to get ideas for your own research, together with access to support from network specialists to help you implement your own market surveys.

Get Started – Develop Better Understanding of your Market

You will find a range of market survey examples on this site.  Bespoke market surveys that works can easily be created to help you discover insights in your market. It is surprisingly easy and time effective to implement your survey program.  The cost are limited and the process is completely in your control.

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