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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Recruitment Best Practice Guide

RecruitmentWhen embarking on recruitment there are many things to consider.  Without a clear process, recruitment can be incredibly wasteful. Most problems in recruitment can be tracked back to a lack of a clear job specification at the outset of the recruitment process.

The recruitment best practice guide involves a series of steps, each needed to be completed in order.  Each step is designed to help ensure that the right individuals with the skills and personality you require  joins your business and helps take it to the next level.

 The Key Questions to Ask Before you Start

As you start any recruitment process, ask yourself the 2 most important things:

– Have you identified why your business needs to recruit?
– Have you identified what skills this person needs to have to excel at the role?

If you have done neither of these or the answers are not sufficiently challenged,  then you are not ready to recruit for your business, and you are at risk of wasting yours and others time and money if you jump headlong into recruiting at this stage.  Instead consider creating and refining a robust Job Specification before you start.

Needs Analysis – Key to Good Recruitment

A needs analysis for the role is fundamental  to the difference between success and failure of a recruitment campaign. Be this for a cleaner or CEO. It does not take long, so make the investment and take the time to get this right at the outset.  Learn how to put together a concise Job-Specification or click here to follow this simple Job Specification Template to create a specification for the role you are considering

Try our Job Specification Template

Refining and Validating Your Needs Analysis

If you have identified and written your needs analysis down and all within the organisation and your business partners are happy with it then you are ready to start to recruit.  If not, then you need to do this crucial process before proceeding. Jumping into recruiting or engaging an outside organisation to perform it for you can otherwise  waste your own time and others!! A thing to remember is if this is a new role or the last time you recruited for a similar role wasn’t within the last six months your needs analysis will benefit from being rewritten as lots of external and internal  factors may have changed.

Free Recruitment Techniques

If you have identified and put together a needs analysis then you can proceed to either find your own candidate by using some of the Free Recruitment Techniques available to any business or engage a suitable recruitment specialist to perform this task for you.

Effective Recruitment Techniques

If your need cannot be met in a timely manner by using your existing contacts and network, then its time to use other methods. There are many different ways to recruit. If your objective is to get the right candidate for the long term, then our effective recruitment techniques will help.

Interview and Selection

As you begin to identify candidates your next challenge is effective interviewing and selection.  By following a recruitment selection process, you will make this challenge easier to overcome and ultimately make better hiring decisions with less effort.

Getting Help

Effective recruitment is all about common sense, following a process and having the time. To get help from a specialist allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your business knowing that your recruitment needs are being addressed in a competent and timely manner. Likewise if you are setting up your own process for recruitment you may benefit from specialist support in the initial stages.  Please study our recruitment best practice guide and other related content or if you want to learn more contact our recruitment specialist.

Contact our Recruitment Specialist

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