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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Recruitment Support Services

Recruitment Support ServicesOur easy to use best practice recruitment service makes recruitment effective and focused  – and leaves you in control.

The last thing recruitment should be is challenging. When you are looking for additional resources for your team, you are probably busier than ever. Having to add add recruitment  activities to your busy schedule is a daunting prospect; having to sift through stacks of CVs even more so.

If you recognise this situation, our staged recruitment service is for you.

Working with our clients, we’ve learnt that the key input from the hiring manager falls into two specific areas:

“Creating, challenging and refining a clear and succinct role description for the vacancy.”


“Meeting and interviewing a few highly motivated and well qualified candidates to pick the best one.”

With the exception of these tasks, everything else can be facilitated by others.  The BBPN recruitment process is designed to do just that.

Effective Recruitment Support for Busy Managers

The BBPN recruitment process  makes sure you can focus your time where it matters in your core business. The process is designed to limit your involvement to the areas where you make the difference. Gone will be the days of finding the time to sift through stacks of unqualified CVs and meeting candidates that lack interest and aptitude for the job you are offering.  The only people you need to spend time with will be well-qualified, self-motivated, and enthusiastic about working for your organisation.

The only acceptable outcome from recruitment is the addition of competent, effective and happy employees. The Best Practice Recruitment process is designed to achieve this for you with the minimum amount of disruption to your core workload.

Turnkey Service

– We develop the job specification with you and ensure the specification is robust.
– We manage all advertising and candidate filtering on your behalf, ensuring you only need to consider the most suited candidates.
– We work to build a strong short-list for interview, leaving you to make the final choice.
– You are in control and have visibility of progress, but you don’t have to interview lots of unsuitable candidates.
– You commit to each stage at a time, and each stage delivers a result for you.
– Your cost for recruitment support is based on fixed service charges rather than success fees.

For us, recruitment is a partnership. We work closely with you to understand your needs, your organisation and culture. We then use those insights to filter candidates and match these to make sure that skills, motivation and cultural drivers are aligned with your needs.

The Steps we UseContact our Recruitment Specialist