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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Staff Satisfaction – Key to Make Your Business Grow?

BBPN AssociatesDoes happy employees lead to happy customers? Does happy customers lead to a healthy business? If you believe the answer is yes, then it is essential  to understand what motivates your employee’s. 

Monitoring staff satisfaction can give an insight into what your employees are thinking and how you can help to improve staff satisfaction in the work place and directly improve your bottom line.


Bespoke staff satisfaction surveys using open questions can give you insights on which to take action to develop your team and plan long term goals for the future growth of your business.

Measuring Staff Satisfaction

Ideally staff satisfaction surveys enable you to measure staff satisfaction levels and track trends.  At the same time you want to learn what drives satisfaction. Measuring staff satisfaction isn’t a one-off project. You need to continue this activity over time, so that you can establish your own benchmarks, targets and monitor trends against these. Given the right approach you can ensure that measuring staff satisfaction becomes part of your business culture and brings real results that will help you keep your staff satisfaction levels high.

Learn How Employees are Really Feeling

It’s all too easy to assume that because you are with your employee’s regularly, you know how they are feeling.  That’s not necessarily the case.  You need to ask the right questions, and you may be surprised at the answers. Our staff satisfaction surveys are a tried and tested tool that keeps you in touch with how your employees are feeling. It’s quick and easy because we have made it simple for you so why don’t find out more about our Employee Feedback Surveys:

Find out More About Our Employee Surveys

Make Sure you are Asking  Open Questions

In any company culture there will be a distance between people at different levels.  It’s inevitable that staff will have different conversations amongst themselves than they will when a manager is present.  Listen into this conversation by using open questions and get an insight into how your staff feel about working in your business.

Staff Satisfaction Will Keep Your Business Thriving

Using simple, well designed surveys, it’s easy to monitor satisfaction levels and spot both sudden changes and gradual trends.  If you take action an early stage, you can find out what’s wrong, talk to your employees, and prevent negative attitudes threatening the bottom line. It’s also important to know what makes your employees happy.  Relate your survey results to what’s been happening in the business, and you’ll get good insights into what you need to do more of as well as what needs to change.

Staff Satisfaction Surveys are Simple but Effective Tools

To help you get deeper insights into your staff satisfaction, our Employee Feedback Surveys offer a toolkit combining examples and a simple set up with guidance from our specialists.  Our surveys take you beyond simple staff satisfaction metrics, and draw out more detailed information from your staff. Contact us to learn how quick and simple it is to set up and run an effective staff satisfaction programme.

Contact our Staff Satisfaction Specialist

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