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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Best Practice 360 Degree Feedback Template

360 Feedback

360 degree feedback is a powerful approach to help managers and employees gain self awareness through insights on how how others see them. With feedback collected from many sources people are more prepared to take action on the results than when they receive feedback only from their line manager.  A 360 degree feedback template enable simple and easy collection of  ... Read More »

What Could Poor Manager Performance be Costing Your Business?


When a business is performing poorly it’s easy to look outside and blame the economy, the government, or any number of factors outside your control.  And there’s no denying that all these things may well be important. But sometimes the problem lies closer to home. Poor Manager Performance Leads to Poor Business Results Research shows that poorly performing companies often ... Read More »

360 Degree Feedback; Why Bother?

Safer Recruitment

You’ve heard of 360 Degree Feedback. You know that it’s something many big companies do. But with everything else you’ve got to do, why should you consider introducing it in your business? The fact is that if you improve management skills, you improve business performance. But in order to improve skills, you have to identify what needs improving – not ... Read More »

How to Improve Manager Performance Evaluation

How Well Can you Truly Assess Your Managers’ Performance?

How well can you evaluate manager performance? You are responsible for reviewing your managers. But how well can you as an individual really assess how successful they are? We all have different ways of doing things, and it’s easy to judge others negatively because their style isn’t similar to ours – though it may nevertheless be effective. No matter how ... Read More »

OnePage™ – 360 Degree Feedback Questionnaire

360 Feedback

This questionnaire is an example ‘self assessment’ which forms part of the 360 degree review process. How do you come across at work? Answer the questions in the context of work. Reflect on each question and consider how you interact with your work contacts. After each question a comment on your response may appear and you may wish to note ... Read More »

Julie Bullen – Executive Coach and Team Development Specialist

Julie Bullen 300x300

Julie Bullen helps organisations to build high levels of engagement and ownership to effect companywide change. Specifically, she works with leaders of teams to help teams start up, build connections between teams, and get teams back on track. Julie also develops leadership skills by coaching executives who are leading organisations through major change. She works both within organisations and across ... Read More »