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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Marketing to Existing Customers is like Washing for Gold

Business Development

Marketing to existing customers is like washing for gold. You know its there, you just have to find it.  The windows and glazing industry is extremely competitive and facing tough trading conditions. The main challenge for retailers and installers is to maintain or grow their sales volume in a tough market.  They need to look for new ways to grow ... Read More »

Product Definition With Impact: Using Rapid Value Proposition Process

Using Rapid Value Proposition Development

A team based and cross-functional value proposition process can quickly create a clear definition for a product or service. This is challenged by discussion and by using template based techniques to ensure the definition and value proposition is robust, marketable and has genuine commercial potential. The value proposition process enables the team to get very close to a final definition ... Read More »

Customer Satisfaction Monitoring – Like Wearing Your Customers Shoes

Customer Feedback

Monitor your customers satisfaction – Try your customers shoes. You’re only as good as the service you deliver today. Unless you are constantly monitoring customer satisfaction, it’s all too easy for service quality to dip. Also, it’s not just about maintaining current standards. Customers’ expectations change over time as the market you are in develops.  What was acceptable in the past ... Read More »

Market Feedback Collection Made Easy

Market Feedback

It is essential to get feedback and insights from your market to help you make business decisions.  We’ve all seen businesses open and close within a short time, when it was obvious they had misjudged their market. Many times this could have been easily avoided by doing a little market research.  But Market research sounds complex. Yet market surveys can ... Read More »

Effective Business Development: A Marathon not a Sprint

Effective Business Development is a Marathon not Sprint

The key to effective business development lies in building trusting relationships with prospects and referrers.  But you knew that already didn’t you? Let’s see how a sporting metaphor can help us find the inside track when it comes to best practice business development.  The pursuit of rapid results is a natural human reflex and yet if we think about it, ... Read More »

On-line business Critical to Survival


Since deciding to focus on the potential of the on-line business, Skytrex the railway and military models business has continued to expand.The company decided to take advantage of new international sales channels available on-line, while also developing existing channels. Developing new products, maintaining quality and customer service has put pressure on resources. Critical to growth has been the decision to ... Read More »

Does Price Matter in Competitive Industries?

It is a common notion that price is the main driver of choice in most industries

Does price matter?  It is a common notion that price is the main driver of choice in most industries. However, the GlassTalk  Survey, which focused on the glazing industry, challenged this preconception. The GlassTalk Survey examined the link between price and supplier choice in the Windows and Glazing supply chain. Commonly viewed as a very competitive industry the survey uncovered ... Read More »

Successful Business Diversification Strategy

successful products umbrella sm

It was great to read the Manchester Evening News story about a local successful business diversification strategy from Heywood manufacturer Gilwood. Gilwood first opened in 1963 to produce stainless steel vats for cloth manufacturers based around Rochdale. You might have expected the business to go into a terminal decline as the textile mills closed down, but the family owners weren’t ... Read More »

Is it Easier to do Business Development with Existing Customers?

Business Development

Is it Easier to do business development with existing  customers? Yes, your existing customers are like gold dust. The recent GlassTalk Business Best Practice survey revealed some interesting insights for retailers and installers. The windows and glazing industry is extremely competitive and facing tough trading conditions. The survey identified how retailers and installers who market pro actively to their existing ... Read More »

Successful Marketing Techniques

Successful Marketing Techniques

Successful marketing isn’t always about making more sales – It might seem obvious to say that if you sell more, your marketing has been successful, but this is not always the case. In fact, the opposite can be true. Changing your marketing techniques could start to bring in fewer sales, yet be more successful. How? Because successful marketing is about ... Read More »

Creating Great Ideas – Rapid Business Ideas Generation

Business Ideas Generation

For business ideas generation, team based and cross-functional workshops is one of the most effective ways to think outside the box.   Combined with an effective prioritisation process, including group debate and  ‘poster voting’ as an alignment tool, the ideas can be refined and prioritised. This was the first element of a special Rapid Commercialisation event run by the Business Best ... Read More »

OnePage™ – Marketing Effectiveness Survey B2B

Marketing Effectiveness

How effective is your marketing approach, and how does your business compare with others? Answer a few questions to find out. After each question a comment on your response may appear and you may wish to note your thoughts before moving on to the next question. After completing each question, click on the next one to continue.       Read More »