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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Customer Surveys

Customer Survey Tools

When you really know what your customers think, you can develop products and services that meet existing needs better, you can anticipate future needs more accurately, and you can grow your customer base. Effective Customer Surveys Delivered by Specialists. We work with you to develop and implement effective customer surveys that give you genuinely useful information.    Your Customers are ... Read More »

The Feedback that Drives Success


The feedback that drives success from customers is vital to any business, whether it’s a simple, morale-boosting pat on the back, or constructive criticism that can be used to improve the service you deliver. Learn how this has been made easy, effective and high impact. However, accessing the kind of feedback that can really make a difference to a business ... Read More »

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Use customer feedback – Customer Feedback Surveys help you really understand how to develop your business to better meet customer needs. Bespoke customer feedback surveys will help you understand how to better meet customer needs, now and into the future. See What Your Customers See – We put together questions that really help customers to give you useful feedback and ... Read More »

Customer Feedback Process: A checklist

Customer Feedback Process

Collecting customer feedback is all about making it easy for the customer to give feedback and making sure the feedback that is collected is actionable. Most importantly any customer feedback gathering must engage the customer in the process and demonstrate a genuine intention to assimilate and use the feedback. When used effectively, customer feedback helps you improve what you do ... Read More »

Customer Testimonials


Testimonials Gets Results. Used well, testimonials are your single most powerful marketing tool.  A few words from a satisfied customer  provide that extra reassurance that prompts your next customer to buy. However, not all customer testimonials are equal.  You need to identify and collect relevant testimonials that will make your marketing material more credible and persuasive. Read our case studies ... Read More »

OnePage™ – Customer Communication Benchmark Survey

Effective Communication

How well do you communicate with your customers, and how does your business compare with others? Answer a few questions to find out. After each question a comment on your response may appear and you may wish to note your thoughts before moving on to the next question. After completing each question, click on the next one to continue.   ... Read More »

Best Practice Feedback


Feedback an Invaluable Business Tool Feedback from any source: customers, employees, colleagues, suppliers, prospects, in fact anyone you come into contact with is a priceless opportunity. Individuals and organisations who are open to seek, embrace and use the insights of others gain big benefits from this. Using feedback can be a formal process or just about paying attention to every ... Read More »