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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Staff Satisfaction – Key to Make Your Business Grow?

BBPN Associates

Does happy employees lead to happy customers? Does happy customers lead to a healthy business? If you believe the answer is yes, then it is essential  to understand what motivates your employee’s.  Monitoring staff satisfaction can give an insight into what your employees are thinking and how you can help to improve staff satisfaction in the work place and directly ... Read More »

Best Practice 360 Degree Feedback Template

360 Feedback

360 degree feedback is a powerful approach to help managers and employees gain self awareness through insights on how how others see them. With feedback collected from many sources people are more prepared to take action on the results than when they receive feedback only from their line manager.  A 360 degree feedback template enable simple and easy collection of  ... Read More »

Create a Culture of Employee Feedback

employee feedback process

Creating a culture where employee feedback is a source of input for business improvement and ideas is powerful approach. Employees have first hand insight into how the business operate and will have identified ways the business can improve. Without an employee feedback culture all this potential is missed. It is key to engage employees in the process by making it ... Read More »

Employee Feedback – An Essential Business Development Tool

employee feedback process

Employee feedback is essential to the successful development of your business.  If you engage with your employees to get their feedback, you can use their ideas and suggestions to drive innovation and growth. By formally asking for feedback you can give your employees the opportunity to provide comments and ideas that may never come out in conversation. Sometimes they may ... Read More »

Employee Surveys Made Simple and Easy

Employee Feedback

We can help you design and implement employee surveys that give you real information you can use to make continuing improvements in your business. Our employee survey work covers two main areas:  Ongoing staff satisfaction levels and in-depth employee feedback.  We can help you learn about staff satisfaction surveys, employee surveys, and how to set up and run an employee ... Read More »

What Could Poor Manager Performance be Costing Your Business?


When a business is performing poorly it’s easy to look outside and blame the economy, the government, or any number of factors outside your control.  And there’s no denying that all these things may well be important. But sometimes the problem lies closer to home. Poor Manager Performance Leads to Poor Business Results Research shows that poorly performing companies often ... Read More »

360 Degree Feedback; Why Bother?

Safer Recruitment

You’ve heard of 360 Degree Feedback. You know that it’s something many big companies do. But with everything else you’ve got to do, why should you consider introducing it in your business? The fact is that if you improve management skills, you improve business performance. But in order to improve skills, you have to identify what needs improving – not ... Read More »

How to Improve Manager Performance Evaluation

How Well Can you Truly Assess Your Managers’ Performance?

How well can you evaluate manager performance? You are responsible for reviewing your managers. But how well can you as an individual really assess how successful they are? We all have different ways of doing things, and it’s easy to judge others negatively because their style isn’t similar to ours – though it may nevertheless be effective. No matter how ... Read More »

Appraisals Technique: What to do and what not to do

Safer Recruitment

A good appraisal process helps you get the best from every individual. A poor appraisal process is often a waste of time. Here are our top tips on appraisal techniques  to get the most from your appraisal sessions. Using these tips will help you get more form the process and get more from your team. Using effective appraisal techniques is ... Read More »

Effective Appraisals Start with Open Questions

Keeping things simple and engaging

Business managers often question the value of appraisals. It is easy to overlook the benefits and just see the cost in time and disruption from preparing and delivering appraisals. However effective appraisals add lots of value to any business provided the appraisal program is simple, easy to use and creates an opportunity for manager and employee to talk about performance. ... Read More »

OnePage™ – 360 Degree Feedback Questionnaire

360 Feedback

This questionnaire is an example ‘self assessment’ which forms part of the 360 degree review process. How do you come across at work? Answer the questions in the context of work. Reflect on each question and consider how you interact with your work contacts. After each question a comment on your response may appear and you may wish to note ... Read More »