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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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John Ardern – Northern Soho Mentor


John Ardern is an experienced personal and business mentor and he specialises in helping individuals and businesses to grow and thrive in the creative and marketing services sector.  John has developed and run two successful businesses of his own, one in market research, the other in business development. John has over 40 years of first-hand knowledge and experience gained both ... Read More »

Stephen Seymour

Stephen Seymour

Stephen Seymour is a specialist in Human Resources.  Stephen is a dedicated, enthusiastic and results oriented, generalist HR professional with a strong commercial and development record. He is experienced in working across a range of industries, with the primary focus of exceeding expectations for business benefits and service delivery. Stephen has the ability to work both strategically whilst simultaneously being ... Read More »

Ian Dunkerley – Northern Soho Mentor


Ian Dunkerley is a creative and innovative mentor working specifically with businesses in the Digital sectors. He is a professional who has provided bespoke solutions to a range of issues. He has over 20 years experience in Technology and Business in a development, support and mentoring capacity. Ian set up his own company to inspire Digital companies to increase profit ... Read More »

Ian Mitchell – Northern Soho Mentor

Ian Mitchell

Ian Mitchell has over 30+ years experience in advertising, media and creative sectors.  He has held senior positions that have allowed him to shape and deliver these roles. In his time he has seen lots of change, and many things stay the same. He believes we are in the midst of the most exciting times ever seen in the advertising ... Read More »

Neil Lewis – Northern Soho Mentor

Neil Lewis

Neil Lewis is a Digital Specialist and runs startup accelerators and corporate innovation programmes.  Neil advises leaders to set and achieve their personal, professional and business goals. He has built a high growth digital and services business from a back bedroom to a 60 staff, 2 languages (Spanish and English) to a £12m valuation on a £4m turnover. Neil has ... Read More »

Sarah Bradley nee Cheal – Northern Soho Mentor

Sarah Cheal nee Bradley

Sarah Bradley nee Cheal is an experienced marketer, specialising in helping creative agencies find and win new business.  Sarah is passionate about the psychology of relationship building, which she believes is the key to new business success. Sarah is very interested in mentoring dynamic, forward thinking individuals with excellent creative / strategic talent, but who struggle when “talking to strangers”. ... Read More »

Johanna Bolhoven – Northern Soho Mentor

Johanna Bolhoven

Johanna Bolhoven has a vast experience in production, marketing, project management agencies, universities and the public sector.  Johanna has been instrumental in creating innovative marketing campaigns and business and skills development programmes for people working in the creative industries such as cultural services, TV, digital media, film, animation, performing arts, dance, lifestyle and fashion.   Johanna’s guilty pleasure is fashion ... Read More »

Mike Knudsen – Business Communications Specialist

Mike Knudsen

Mike Knudsen works with businesses to create and implement strategies for growth. Mike is a founding member of the Business Best Practice Network where he focuses on development and delivery of highly effective business support services, derived from the BBPN best practice development framework. Mike specialises in business communication with internal and external stakeholders.  Mike delivers organisational development and internal ... Read More »