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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Case Study Creation Made Easy

Case Study Template

How do I Create a Case-study? Case study creation often on the “to-do” list that never gets completed. We have made it easy.  Using our approach, you can easily write a case study yourself based on the interaction you have had with the client. Using the clients own words where possible and using “citation marks” to illustrate the customer is ... Read More »

Customer Satisfaction Monitoring – Like Wearing Your Customers Shoes

Customer Feedback

Monitor your customers satisfaction – Try your customers shoes. You’re only as good as the service you deliver today. Unless you are constantly monitoring customer satisfaction, it’s all too easy for service quality to dip. Also, it’s not just about maintaining current standards. Customers’ expectations change over time as the market you are in develops.  What was acceptable in the past ... Read More »

Testimonial Feedback Collection Made Easy


Testimonial feedback from your existing customers is your most powerful marketing tool. Collecting testimonials is often missed due to other priorities or a desire not to inconvenience your customer. To break this habit and start asking for and using customer feedback to market you business, you can use this simple process which can be supported by your personalised OnePage™ Business ... Read More »

B2B Customer Satisfaction: The Seven Point Plan

seven-point B2B customer satisfaction plan to help you keep your B2B customers on board.

We all know it is much cheaper to keep existing customers than to find new ones.  You need to choose what customers to focus on, you need to then set expectation levels, you need to communicate these levels to your team and your customers, you need to monitor and measure these levels, you need to be prepared to change if ... Read More »

Testimonial Collection Tools

Testimonials from your existing customers is your most powerful marketing tool

Testimonial collection from your existing customers is your most powerful marketing tool. They strengthen the credibility of your business giving prospective customers the confidence to buy from you by reading your customer testimonials. Don’t have time to collect testimonials? Follow our quick and simple method for collecting valuable testimonials and you’ll realise you can’t afford not to! Customer feedback is ... Read More »

Is it Easier to do Business Development with Existing Customers?

Business Development

Is it Easier to do business development with existing  customers? Yes, your existing customers are like gold dust. The recent GlassTalk Business Best Practice survey revealed some interesting insights for retailers and installers. The windows and glazing industry is extremely competitive and facing tough trading conditions. The survey identified how retailers and installers who market pro actively to their existing ... Read More »

Successful Marketing Techniques

Successful Marketing Techniques

Successful marketing isn’t always about making more sales – It might seem obvious to say that if you sell more, your marketing has been successful, but this is not always the case. In fact, the opposite can be true. Changing your marketing techniques could start to bring in fewer sales, yet be more successful. How? Because successful marketing is about ... Read More »

How Case Studies can Help Promote Your Business

Case Study Template

A well-written, well structured case study is an excellent and cost-effective way to showcase your organisation’s capabilities, and ultimately encourage more customers to buy your products and services. Case studies can be used in a number of ways to promote your business, from gaining free publicity in relevant publications, to adding a fresh look to your company’s home page. But ... Read More »

Customer Testimonials


Testimonials Gets Results. Used well, testimonials are your single most powerful marketing tool.  A few words from a satisfied customer  provide that extra reassurance that prompts your next customer to buy. However, not all customer testimonials are equal.  You need to identify and collect relevant testimonials that will make your marketing material more credible and persuasive. Read our case studies ... Read More »