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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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The Feedback that Drives Success

The feedback that drives success from customers is vital to any business, whether it’s a simple, morale-boosting pat on the back, or constructive criticism that can be used to improve the service you deliver. Learn how this has been made easy, effective and high impact.

However, accessing the kind of feedback that can really make a difference to a business can be difficult, often because it can feel as though you are imposing on your customers’ time this is not always the case though.

To help solve the problem, Best Practice HUB has developed a simple and highly effective on-line feedback collection survey, which can be triggered by sending out an invitation email, or by following a link on a website.

Feedback Collection Made Easy

Designed to be straightforward and easy to use, once a customer has agreed to provide feedback, they soon realise that completing the survey is a lot easier, and much less time-consuming, than having to write something from scratch.

The process has proved extremely effective, with companies enjoying participation rates of up to 80%. Many have used the feedback as marketing collateral to develop online testimonials, as well as helping to evaluate services and provide objectives for improving their business and moving it forward.

“Feedback is crucial and it’s really helping me to develop the business,”

says Andrew Wearden MD of Buxton Web Design.

And just a few months since he started using the survey, he has more than doubled the number of testimonials on his website.

“A lot of my work comes through recommendations and word of mouth but in the past, although clients have said how pleased they are with the work I’ve done, they’re often too pushed for time to actually write something down.”

Andrew now includes a link to the survey when he sends out invoices and has noticed that after his portfolio, the testimonials section on his website is now the most visited.

Testimonial Success

Paul Hammond, from consultants Internet Expert in Leicestershire, has also used the survey to poll a selection of his customers.

“One of the strengths of the survey is that it is independent,” says Paul. “Most customers will say something nice if you ask them directly, but the survey gives them the chance to say what they really think”

The survey has fine-tuned the feedback we receive so that now, rather than random opinions, we are receiving feedback which we can really act upon.

Paul also uses the feedback to create testimonials on the company website and has subsequently seen the number of leads from web traffic increase dramatically.

Independent business consultant Steve Morgan of SWM Solutions recently started using the approach and explains:

“The way in which it mixes open and closed questions is an excellent way of ‘drawing out’ constructive criticism. So as well as positive feedback about how we’ve performed, it also lets us know where we can improve things.”

Key Learning Points:

– Make it quick and easy for people to provide feedback on your services.

– Open questions are most powerful.

– They allow your customers to tell you what you don’t know, and what you can do better.

– When you ask for feedback, your are setting an expectation. Be prepared to act upon it.

The Best Practice HUB MyPeer personalised testimonial questionnaire is one of many business tools available from Best Practice HUB. You can make testimonial gathering easy for yourself and your customers all you need is an email address and a few minutes to get started.

Feedback tools can help your business performance improvements. your customers, partners, employees and suppliers will have relevant insights, all you need to do is to ask, listen and be prepared to act.

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