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Business Best Practice Network, BBPN provides online tools and guides for quick and effective business benchmarking and improvement

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Using an External Recruiter

When you find that your time is scarce in a business to do any task you should use an external consultant to free up your time.  Using an external recruiter is no different to using an accountant or a solicitor. It is a service you engage and pay for. 

Before you do use an external recruiter you need to determine the parameters of your working relationship and put in a process as to how you are going to work together going forward to achieve your goals.

Plan Your Time to Achieve Your Recruitment Goal

Have you given time in your calendar to meet with the external recruiter.  The external recruiter will need to meet with you and maybe other members of your team who will be involved in the recruitment.  You will need to put aside suitable time to interview candidates.  This should be anything from half a day to two to three days in a calendar month if several candidates are to be seen and more than one interview is needed to select the right candidate.

You will need to spend quality time with the external recruiter throughout the process to give them an understanding of your business, and to give them the right specification of who it is your looking for.

Is Head Hunting Your Ideal Candidate an Option?

If you are using a recruiter to solicit candidates that are already employed in your sector, this is called “head-hunting” Have you given, discussed or put together a target list of your competitors that would have a suitable candidate to head-hunt an experienced individual from to the consultant? Have you determined the questions you need answered by each candidate prior to interviewing that can help determine their suitability for the role, both skill and personality wise for the external recruiter to use to screen them?

What Questions Should you ask at the Interview Stage?

Structured questions will need to be asked in the interview, a well structured interview not only helps you determine the suitability of each candidate.  This will help you review at the end of the interview your gut feeling with the realities of the candidate’s skills matching the business goals and most importantly puts across the right company attitude to the candidate that you are a professional business and take recruitment seriously.

If you would like to learn more about using an external recruiter.  Please contact our Recruitment Specialist:

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