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Vacancy – General Manager – Derwent Training Association

Derwent Training AssociationDerwent Training Association (DTA) is a charitable trust, promoting and delivering engineering training in the North Yorkshire area. Based in Malton, DTA provides apprentice training, workplace based learning and other training services specifically focused on the engineering and manufacturing sector. 

Working with local employers, DTA assist with recruitment of learners and provide apprentice training ranging from NVQ level 2 to advanced engineering apprenticeship. DTA also provide additional vocational training for engineering and manufacturing employers in the area. For more information about DTA please visit:

Derwent Training Association is seeking to appoint a General Manager to lead the organisation and work with an established teaching and admin team  to successfully deliver on its objectives in the short, medium and long term.  Reporting to the non-executive board of directors the General manager will assume executive responsibility for the organisation as well as being the senior line manager overseeing DTA staff.

Main Responsibilities – General Manager

Reporting to the Board, the general manager will have overall responsibility for DTA,  Specifically:

  • Develop and maintain DTA strategy and objectives with input from all stakeholders to ensure progress towards agreed objectives
  • Ensure clarity of roles, responsibilities and expectations across all DTA staff and Associates working on behalf of DTA
  • Implement and maintain effective engagement and frameworks for working with funders and employers
  • Oversee operational, financial and reporting processes
  • Maintain first hand involvement in key activities undertaken by DTA to ensure the activities and approach are developed to meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders

Main Objectives – General Manager

  • Progress towards an agreed strategy and implementation plan that is developed, shared and communicated with the Board and staff members
  • Continue growth and development of staff contribution and performance
  • Ressource and manage the short, medium and long term funding framework to ensure DTA maintain adequate resources to deliver and develop its core objectives
  • Ensure up to date and accurate reporting of operational and financial performance of the organisation is provided
  • Ensure delivery of DTA activities continue to meet the evolving needs of its stakeholders with ongoing improvements in effectiveness and impact

Key Skills and Experience – General Manager

The role may suit candidates from a range of backgrounds and experience. Most importantly the role requires effective line management and organisational leadership skills and an inclusive approach that engages both internal and external stakeholders towards common objectives. Relevant areas of experience and capability include:

  • First hand experience with and understanding of engineering and engineering training
  • Experience of leading and developing a small to medium sized organisation operating in a commercial / open market sector
  • Line management experience and ability to develop individual and team performance
  • Experience and ability to contribute in some of the key areas of activity such as employer engagement, learner recruitment and engagement, training delivery and work place based assessment
  • Experience of managing delivery of vocational or work place based training
  • Experience of developing funding and income streams in the area of public sector funded education and training

This role requires a hands on practical leader who is looking to join a small organisation and grow with it.  You will enjoy working with young learners, and engineering employers and appreciate working with and developing a strong team. If this is you, we would like to hear from you.

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