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Which is the Best Recruitment Process to Use?

Recruitment-conceptWhich recruitment process to use is a question most businesses will have to answer sooner or later.  There are a lot of recruitment approaches that you can use and some of these are very effective.

Before you decide which recruitment method is going to be the best one for you to use to help with your recruitment needs you need to have a think about what you can do yourself and what help you will need to get the right candidate in place.

What Should you Think About Before Starting the Recruitment Process?

There are some things you should consider before you decide on the best recruitment process to use. For starters have you worked out what you are looking for and what skills, personality and experience you need.  Without clarity on what you need from your future employee, recruitment can get really expensive.

Recruitment Cost will Only be a Fraction of the Cost of Getting Recruitment Wrong

Even the most expensive approaches to recruitment will only amount to 30% of the first years salary.  That means that getting the wrong candidate on-board and finding out after 4 months will cost you more in salary and expenses than the recruitment itself.  The conclusion is simple: Get the job specification right up front. The here are some things to consider:

Free Recruitment or Pay for Getting a Good Result?

The recruitment industry is varied, offering a wide range of services and fee structures. If you decide pay for recruitment, how do you ensure you get value for your recruitment investment?  Make sure you have considered and actioned these points as part of selecting and appointing your recruitment partner. Alternatively, explore free recruitment methods.

Learn More About Free Recruitment Techniques

What About Recruitment Agencies?

If you do follow the free and direct advertising routes and they do not deliver the desired outcome then engaging help from a recruitment agency or a search consultancy is the next logical step.

How to Select  a Recruitment Specialist to Help You

If the end result is important to you, then may be you should consider only working with recruitment partners who are willing to make an investment of their time to get to understand you and your business recruitment needs.

– Should you use a high street generalist agency or a boutique search specialist?

– Which recruiters are best at finding the ideal candidates?

– How do you find a recruiter who specialises in your sector?

– When you engage an external recruitment consultant do they make the effort to meet with you face to face?

– Have you got a clear agreement about fees with the recruiter?

– Have you agreed upon a time-line for the recruitment process?

A recruitment specialist will be able to help you with writing adverts, specifications and filtering candidates to ensure that you get the right candidate in place.  If you would like help and advice on the best method of recruitment please contact our recruitment specialist:

Contact our Recruitment Specialist


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